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Business Digest September 30, 2021

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On BU$I₦£$$ DIG£$T this morning, September 30, 2021

The credit of this edition of Business Digest goes to Lucky Isi Olofu (ACA)

“The level of development of any nation is a function of the quality and quantity of investment in it by its people”- LIOn

The citizens of a nation are collectively accountable for a country’s development or the lack of it.

One of the wonders of the last century is the birthing of the Jewish State of Israel. The word diaspora actually has a Jewish origin, it describes the Jews that were born and living outside Palestine which was essentially 98% of Jews.

Following the destruction of Jerusalem around AD 60, Jews were dispersed allover the world once again. They took with them their language, religion and mostly hope of a return. The Hebrew language was preserved in its pristine form despite the Jewish people roaming the world like vagabonds for over 2 millennia, however they carried the hope of returning to Jerusalem around all those years.
Zion was in their heart everywhere they went.

Today we have a very successful modern state of Israel that was only a dream at a time but built from the blood and tears of its people.
Building a great nation in the heart of the desert; something thought to be impossible!

The Jews have a form of ethnic nationalism called “Zionism” This ideology is believed to form the bedrock of advancement in many field , it’s their own definition of patriotism. It defines the way the Jews see themselves relative to the rest of humanity. Some derisively place Zionism on the same pedestal with racism. I am more intrigued by its ability to propel an entire people to work in unison and with a clear goal and objective which has brought them this far.

What national ideology can galvanize Nigerians to act positively in its over all interest? It appears there are some sectional ideologies within the Nigerian states which tend to unsettle it as they are mostly irreconcilable and in conflict with each other.
In my opinion, the first thing Nigeria needs is to have a national ideology, to also define clearly the “Nigerian dream”

…only Nigerians will build Nigeria.

_If you learnt anything from this, kindly share with someone out there._
_*Dr. Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu*_
_animn, ace, f.hcd, f.dss, m.frcn, fimc, cmc, cms, FAiPA, DPA, ACCrFE_
The Millennium Entrepreneur

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About the author

Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu Esq. (f.hcd)

Emmanuel Idenyi-Shaibu Esq. is known as The Millennium Entrepreneur. A well sought Public Speaker and Trainer in Strategic Business Re-positioning, is a graduate Of Marketing, Global Consumer Marketing, Financial Management, a Chartered Marketer, Chartered Economist, Chartered Human Capital Development expert, Seasoned banking professional, an Entrepreneur, Investor and Business Owner. He is married to one female wife and blessed with lovely and lively children.

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