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Business Digest September 15, 2021

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On BU$I₦£$$ DIG£$T this morning, September 15, 2021

As a Governor, how have you addressed the issue of Education?

As a Governor, how have you addressed the issue of human capital development and capacity building?

As a Governor, how have you created enabling business policies and environment for Agriculture to thrive?

It is so annoying to see a Governor blaming the Federal Government when you have done little or nothing in same regards in your state.

Out of school children per state is in the hand of the Governors!

Open Defecation Free(ODF) is in the hands of these Governors.

Do you know a State in North Central Nigeria does not have as simple as x-ray machine in its own State specialist hospital? Talk less of the other state owned hospitals across the state? How much is an x-ray machine, please. Medical Personnel, please help me and you blame the Federal Government.

The State Accountant Generals will go for FAAC meeting and be arguing and refusing to collect some amount being shared and I say really?

Can the FGN delay or refuse to share allocation in a month and let’s see if the Governors will go on strike or look inwards to sort themselves out?

Its actually painful and shameful seeing the Governors leading the pack of unproductivity of their State by their attitude and activities.

Nigeria is a Federal System of Government on paper and unitary in practice.
What a huge shame on all our political leaders.

Governors’ Hall of Shame Loading>>>>>

_If you learnt anything from this, kindly share with someone out there._
_*Dr. Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu*_
_animn, ace, f.hcd, f.dss, m.frcn, fimc, cmc, cms, FAiPA, DPA, ACCrFE_
The Millennium Entrepreneur

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About the author

Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu Esq. (f.hcd)

Emmanuel Idenyi-Shaibu Esq. is known as The Millennium Entrepreneur. A well sought Public Speaker and Trainer in Strategic Business Re-positioning, is a graduate Of Marketing, Global Consumer Marketing, Financial Management, a Chartered Marketer, Chartered Economist, Chartered Human Capital Development expert, Seasoned banking professional, an Entrepreneur, Investor and Business Owner. He is married to one female wife and blessed with lovely and lively children.

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