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Business Digest November 25, 2021

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On BU$I₦£$$ DIG£$T this morning, November 25, 2021
Leadership is NEUTRAL!

It is the person in the Leadership position that determines the colouration it portrays.

Just like in my Mental Health First Aid lectures, I remember all my lecturers saying “all emotions are NEUTRAL and VALID”

Just like we say in Financial Literacy and Management “there are no bad investments, we only have bad investors”. This speaks to the fact that, the human being at the driver’s seat of any endeavour determine to a large extent the outcome of that endeavour.

So we only have bad or good leaders we don’t have bad Leadership.

Great Leadership is about putting your teams in a position where they can function successfully without you. In the last decade and half of being married, I have seen that;
1. the human beings in the marriage,
2. what they know and
3. how they apply what they know determines to a large extent the success or otherwise of it.

Therefore, for you to be adjudged successful in Business and Finance, you MUST improve on yourself who is indeed the player on the field, you must invest in building your capacity and that of others.

If you desire a bumper harvest, check the quality of the seed, the condition of the soil, the processes involved and of course, you would have sufficiently done your part.

_If you learnt anything from this, kindly share with someone out there._
_*Dr. Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu*_
_animn, ace, f.hcd, f.dss, m.frcn, fimc, cmc, cms, FAiPA, DPA, ACCrFE_
The Millennium Entrepreneur!

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About the author

Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu Esq. (f.hcd)

Emmanuel Idenyi-Shaibu Esq. is known as The Millennium Entrepreneur. A well sought Public Speaker and Trainer in Strategic Business Re-positioning, is a graduate Of Marketing, Global Consumer Marketing, Financial Management, a Chartered Marketer, Chartered Economist, Chartered Human Capital Development expert, Seasoned banking professional, an Entrepreneur, Investor and Business Owner. He is married to one female wife and blessed with lovely and lively children.

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