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Business Digest June 15, 2021

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On BU$I₦£$$ DIG£$T this morning, June 15, 2021
*Faith Without Work is Dead*

All faith is faith but not all faith are the same.

Some faith are inactive, some are dormant. Permit me therefore to inform you that Faith is an action word, yes. You need to work it to show you are “faithing” it

The same energy you use to create fear can be used to build up faith that something will work.

Ever since I read the books *Deadly Emotions and The Alchemist*, I have remained positively resolute on goals set and how to achieve them.

I have realised that, most people will tell you it cannot be done, some will ask, are you sure it can be done? Others will yet say, what if after the efforts you didn’t get it done…. And I realised, all are borne out of fear of not trying and when you are deaf to these comments and achieve the feat, the new question will be, how did you do it? You must have gotten a lot of support. You sure knew it will pay off.

It is best to be caught trying and not succeeding than to be found a mediocre not to have ventured anything.

When I said Collaboration is the new Social Capital some weeks ago, it doesn’t come cheap, it comes with a lot of effort and your “co-collaborator” will find you along the way.

What are you Faithing? Start Acting it out NOW

_If you learnt anything from this, kindly share with someone out there._
_*Dr. Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu*_
_animn, ace, f.hcd, f.dss, m.frcn, fimc, cmc, cms, FAiPA, DPA, ACCrFE_
The Millennium Entrepreneur

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About the author

Emmanuel Idenyi Shaibu Esq. (f.hcd)

Emmanuel Idenyi-Shaibu Esq. is known as The Millennium Entrepreneur. A well sought Public Speaker and Trainer in Strategic Business Re-positioning, is a graduate Of Marketing, Global Consumer Marketing, Financial Management, a Chartered Marketer, Chartered Economist, Chartered Human Capital Development expert, Seasoned banking professional, an Entrepreneur, Investor and Business Owner. He is married to one female wife and blessed with lovely and lively children.

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